SKEMPI: Structural database of Kinetics and Energetics of Mutant Protein Interactions


The SKEMPI database contains data on the changes in thermodynamic parameters and kinetic rate constants upon mutation, for protein-protein interactions for which a structure of the complex has been solved and is available in the protein databank. For more information and to access the database, follow the links to the left.


03/10/2012. SKEMPI version 1.1 has been released. For consistency, three homology groups have been merged as follows: 1REW_AB_C,2QJ9_AB_C,2QJA_AB_C,2QJB_AB_C,1KTZ_A_B has been merged with 3BK3_A_C. 1LFD_A_B,1HE8_A_B has been merged with 2A9K_A_B. 1E96_A_B has been merged with 1GRN_A_B. The previous version is still available as a semicolon delimited csv file here.