Moal, Iain


I undertook my undergraduate studies at the University of Nottingham, graduating with first class honours in Chemistry with Computational Chemistry. My doctoral research was undertaken in the Biomolecular Modelling Laboratory at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, on the topic of protein-protein docking, binding affinity prediction and kinetic rate constant prediction. I joined the Protein Interaction and Docking group in September 2011.

Research Interests

I take interest in a wide variety of topics relating to protein-protein interactions, especially binding mechanism, affinity, kinetics and evolutionary dynamics. I have previously worked on flexible protein-protein docking, protein binding affinity prediction and kinetic rate constant prediction. I am currently focussing on the use of machine learning techniques capable of integrating calculated geometrical and energetic properties for the accurate and computationally efficient determination of binding free energy changes upon mutation.


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*Contributed equally

My doctoral thesis, entitled 'Predicting and Characterising Protein-Protein Complexes', can be downloaded here.